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  • An Affrilachian All Hallows Eve

    An Affrilachian All Hallows Eve is a collection of songs and stories adapted by Ilene Evans with musical accompaniment by Seth Maynard. It was the Winner of the 2018 Storytelling Recording Awards from Storytelling World Resource Awards.

    Songs include: Mama and Papa Murphy - In The Living Room, Little Orphant Annie, Witch Hazel Rides a Moonbeam, Shivers Whispers and Bumps in the Night, Stingy Jack, The Goblin Pony, Sweet Potatoes Folk Song, Riddles, Night Time Will Soon Come, Usika Story, Gracias Al La Vida, Sweet Smelling Tree of Rosemary, The Blue Flame, The Ghost of Jeremy Walker, Big Max, The Potato Man, All Hid, Touch, The Rat Hole, and Psalm 23.

    CD Price: 15.00 (Includes Shipping)

  • I'm On My Way: Sounds of Freedom from the United States Colored Troops, Spirituals and Songs from the Civil War Era

    I'm On My Way is a collection of the early songs of newly freed people in the Port Royal Experiment in South Carolina during the Civil War. These songs which follow true folk traditions in oral culture, changing words and rhythms slightly to conform with the conditions at the time. The intent is to speak to people and do a good work in them. Spirituals capture the mood and needs of the people in getting through both good times and bad. Our collection includes marching and military songs because they represent the rising spirit of the bonds between men and mission. Women and children sang them as well as the soldiers.

    Songs include: Canaan Land, Deep River, Lord I Don't Want to Die in the Storm, Battle Cry for Freedom, Jacob's Ladder, Marching Along, Battle Hymn Ist Arkansas, I'm Coming Up on the Rough Side of the Mountain, Balm in Gilead, Stand Still Jordan, Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning, Let Us Break Bread Together, King Jesus is A' Listening, Christian Journey Soon Be Over, I Will Sing Hallelujah, Fountain Filled with Blood, I'm Troubled in Mind, The Old Churchyard, Tenting Tonight on the Old Campground, I Don't Want Nobody Stumblin' Over Me, Wade in De Water, Hush Oh Hush Somebody's Calling My Name, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Same Train.

    CD Price: 17.00 (Includes Shipping)


  • Behind Enemy Lines: Harriet Tubman in the Civil War and the Port Royal Experiment (1820 - 1913)

    This presentation brings History Alive in the character of Harriet Tubman, her activities and thoughts about the times she lived in. By day, Harriet Tubman was a nurse, a cook and a laundress. She helped to organize the wash houses, cooks and hospitals. She did liaison work between the troops and the freedmen and women. By night she was a soldier, gathering intelligence and recruits for the United States colored Troops success.

    Songs include: Rally round the Flag, Oh, Michael Row, Listen to the Lambs, Jacob's Ladder, Hush, Oh Hush, Somebody's Calling My Name, One of these Mornings, Oh, Freedom, !st Arkansas Version of the Battle Hymn, You Got to Move, Stand Still Jordan, Balm in Gilead, Way Over in the Promised Land.

    CD Price: 17.00 (Includes Shipping)


  • General Moses: Stories from the Life of Harriet Tubman "The Escape"

    Ilene Evans performs this stage version of Ms. Tubman's journey to freedom. This is the first act of a full length play written and performed by Ilene Evans in which Harriet Tubman leads a group of slaves to freedom while telling them the story of her own escape. Harriet protects, leads and comforts them by singing and praying her way around slave catchers, bounty hunters and other dangers. Harriet nurtures the spirit and feeds the soul as she recounts her endless cycle to free her people.

    Songs include: Go Down Moses, Ain't No Rain, Ride On Moses, Weeping Mary, Stars Shinning, My Lord, What A Morning ,Wade In The Water ,Steal Away, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, All Night All Day, Hail, Oh, Hail, Farewell, Ol' Master

    CD Price: 17.00 (Includes Shipping)


  • Harvest of Dreams: Voices to Remember

    Ilene Evans performs this collection of African American poetry and prose featuring such classic writers as Langston Hughes, Paul Laurence Dunbar, James Weldon Johnson, Waring Cuney, Sterling Brown, New writers include Bill Waterman, Ancella Bickley, and Ilene Evans.

    Music and Sound Effects by Flexx Music Group, Richard Smith, Audie Jeter, Terry Morgan and Ben Fields

    CD Price: 17.00 (Includes Shipping)


  • Climbing Up The Beanstalk - the Audio CD

    Ilene Evans performs her original collection of poems including "Mother Wit," "Defiance," "Limericks," "The Jump Jig Toddy," and many more. Ilene also revisits the old tale of Jack and the Beanstalk— retold in a rap and rhythm style. Join Ilene for fun filled hours in the car - away from the T.V. and video games.

    Accompanied by Richard Smith and the Flexx Band.

    CD Price: 17.00 (Includes Shipping)


  • Climbing Up The Beanstalk—the Book and Script
    Ilene Evans' Collection of Children's Poems

    Original Poems, rhythms, limericks and rhymes for all ages.
    Chapter 1 — Who Are You? Poems for the Very Young
    Chapter 2 — It Takes All the Colors Poems for ages 8-12
    Chapter 3— Climbing Up the Beanstalk - An Affrilachian version of Jack and the Beanstalk

    CD Price: 17.00 (Includes Shipping)


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